Quality rooms in Shared Houses ​with Quiddity Group!

Quiddity Group offers flexible living accomodation for all.

You can choose from a single/double bedroom, with ensuite or move into a one bed flat as well as 3 bedroom homes!

We invest for the long term so you dont have to keep moving homes and stay with us for as long as you wish. 

This is a flexible living arrangement with like minded people who are dont want to be tied down with a whole house, bills and all the stress of it!

With our shared rooms, you pay ONE payment which includes all of the houses bills such as gas, water, electricity, broadband and council tax.

We manage the property so you dont have to.

When something breaks we have a phlethora of tradesmen to deploy.

years experience in renting properties
Happy housemates

Benefits of renting a room in a Shared House?

One payment per month to allow you to budget.

Like minded people to share with.

All bills included (gas, water, council tax, electricity, broadband)

No house repairs to worry about

Flexible living with Quiddity Group means you can move in one of our shared house/ HMO rooms and when you are ready move upto a one bed flat and all the way to 3-5 bed houses. 

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