2 days – Group Title Splitting Course



We will teach you how to:
  • be successful in Title Splitting and recycle your capital out, leaving no money in.
  • build yourself a passive income.
  • scale your  property portfolio in no time, using the same capital over and over.

 After the course you will be able to:

  • find and buy these Multi Unit Freehold Blocks below market value.
  • cost effectively add value through refurbishment.
  • split their titles into singular leases.
  • recycle most (all) of your investment capital out by doing the above and then use the same funds to
  • buy even more multi units. 
Does Title Splitting as a strategy work everywhere in the UK?
  • MUFBs can be found literally everywhere across the UK.

Why you should stop buying single dwellings and HMOs?

Our next 2 day course is on:

Friday 9th & Saturday 10th

February 2024

2 day - Title Splitting Course (London)

Are you facing these as an investor?


  • SLOW PROGRESS: Are you buying one property at a time and achieving a mere £300 profit per month on average?
  • CAPITAL TIED UP: Are you still leaving £000’s in each purchase?
  • LIMITED INVESTMENT FUNDS: Running out of investment funds?
  • SCALE: Do you want to scale the size of your property portfolio?
  • FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Want to build a passive income to be financially free? 
If you have answered YES to most/all of the above questions then doing the same thing and expecting a different is madness! 
There is a much better way!

It’s known as TITLE SPLITTING!


Create value out of buying Multi-Unit Freehold Blocks of Flats by splitting the freehold into several leaseholds.

What is "Title Splitting" as a property strategy?

Title Splitting in a nutshell:
Title splitting, also known as multi-unit freehold property subdivision, is a property strategy used to maximise the value of these assets.  
Each of these individual (split) flats can then be sold, developed, or used on their own leases


The benefits of Title Splitting Multi Unit Freehold Blocks:


Title Splitting as a property strategy can be beneficial in various situations:
  1. Increase Property Value: By splitting one freehold block of flats into smaller individual units on their own titles, each one can potentially be sold at a higher price than the combined value of the original, undivided freehold block. This can increase the overall value of the property.
  2. Development Opportunities: Subdividing these freehold blocks can create significant opportunities to add value, through refurbishment and development. For example you can add more bedrooms to the individually split residential flats or mixed-use commercial properties.
  3. Income Generation: The sale of individual flats can provide a great source of income. Investors / developers can sell each flat to new property owners, which would not have been possible without splitting the titles. 
  4. Risk Diversification: If we, as property investors, needed to realise some capital having multiple smaller lots can spread the risk, making it easier to sell one lot at a time.
  5. Adapting to Market Demand: The fact that in the UK the biggest growing family size is a family of one, means we will need more accommodation for single people, which increases the appeal for individual flats. 
  6. Tax Benefits: There are some attractive property taxes allowance available  when buying multi-unit freehold blocks. These can all lead to potential tax benefits for property owners and making the investment much more attractive.

Important information to know about Title Splitting:

The Process:  Title splitting can be complex and have legal, financial and tax implications. So it is vital to engage with professionals who are competent in this field.

The Cost:  The cost of splitting the titles can vary depending on numerous factors like the number of units, the cost of finance and development amongst others.

The Regulations:  In the U.K, there are minimum standards and sizes for residential flats, which must be adhered to for planning purposes. It is key that one is aware of all of these elements to be successful.

How to learn more about
"Title Splitting" with
Quiddity Education

Attend our next
2 day - Title Splitting Course:

"How to buy Multi-Unit Freehold Blocks (MUFBs) and
add value so that you recycle all of your capital out via a Title Splitting Strategy".

What’s included in the course?

2 days - All you need to know about title splitting. (see agenda below)

One overnight + networking dinner.

Meet our curated power team.
(lawyers, financial brokers, bridging financiers, property tax specialists, etc)


What do we cover over our 2 day courses?

Introduction to Title Splitting as a property Strategy?

Sourcing of Multi Unit Blocks -
incorporating a 'live' interactive session.

How to 'Deal Analyse' these MUFBs, to ensure they stack up financially?

How to optimise your Stamp Duty Land Tax on these MUFBs.

How to 'finance' Multi Unit Blocks of Flats?

How to structure your prop co & MUFBs to be tax efficient?

How to optimise your refinance to recycle most (all) of your capital out to finance more and new blocks.

We provide our curated team of professionals to help you succeed.

Sourcing Strategies.

We will teach you how to find these potential prospects for Title Splitting across the UK.


What are the processes involved in a Title Splitting Strategy?

Case Study learnings - Examples of Title Splitting projects.

Deal analysis

We teach you how to evaluate the multi unit blocks of flats you find using Quiddity Consultancy's proprietary deal analyser.

We help you develop your own deal analyser?

Funding your Title Splitting purchases.

How to fund your Title Splitting purchases, based on YOUR personal circumstances?

The beauty of Leverage in Title Splitting.

All the ‘little quirks’ in Title Splitting projects which you NEED to know, we will teach you!


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You will have the option to join the 1-1 personalised program 

to handhold you through your first title splitting project.

 6 x 1 hour of post course coaching calls.

The 6 hours are typically set out in the following manner:
Session 1:
Deal assessment and filtering of the Top 3 deals you have found, to ensure they meet our criteria and  allows you to recycle ♻️ your capital out.
We also calculate the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)  for the proposed purchase block and  discuss purchase finance options.
Session 2:
Pre purchase call to ensure that before you complete we check all the paperwork as well as discuss negotiation tactics with sellers/ agents.
Session 3:
Discuss and agree cost effective renovation program and Schedule of Works for you to use with your tradesmen, to avoid over spend but ensure you maximise the refinance values.
Session 4:
    • Title Split Legal Process hand holding.
    • Freehold & Lease creation
    • Floorplans for new split units
    • Land Registry Expedited Process.
Session 5:
Refinance / Capital Recycling support to ensure you can maximise values and able to recycle your capital out and leaving (little) or no money in, to allow u to reinvest in further blocks.
Session 6:
We keep one session free to cover any unforeseen challenges and support you may need. 

Coaching Cost

2 days coaching course

£ 2,250 per person

(early bird discount apply)

(other VIP course providers charge over £10,000+ for their courses!

Learn how to buy multiple block of flats &
build your portfolio multiple flats at a time!

Friday 9th & Saturday 10th

February 2024 - Course Brochure


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