Quiddity Property Education

Quiddity Property Education is led by Azid Gungah, an experienced and active property investor with over 25 years of investing experience.

The Mission – ‘helping experienced landlords to scale their property portfolio.’

I want to shortcut the time it takes investors to achieve financial freedom & passive income by reducing unnecessary mistakes by using my knowledge and experience.

Azid Gungah
(Chief Investment Officer at Quiddity Group Ltd)

Problem 1

Many experienced landlords while clued up on Buy to Lets & HMO’s still find it really hard to scale up the size of their property portfolio and signifigantly increase their passive income.

Problem 2

Most landlords are still leaving 25% deposits in each deal – these are large amounts of capital, which once left in, can NOT be re-used to keep growing their property portfolio.

Do these scenarios resonate with you?

Are you looking for investment strategies where you can:

  1. buy multiple properties at a time?
  2. recycle all of your capital out?
  3. get 100% mortgages on your development?


If the answer is Yes then Quiddity Property Education can help.

2 day Title Splitting course

1-1 coaching


Property Investment has been the best thing i've invested in. It has afforded me a great lifestyle, financial freedom and ability to control my time. I have been able to build a business around it, employing over 20 people and house hundreds.

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