Why Invest With Quiddity Capital Ltd ?


Ever considered co-investing in UK properties?

Now you can with an exciting opportunity to invest for passive income with Quiddity Capital Ltd.

Lots of people have got money (savings) in the bank, which are not being maximising at present and in fact losing their
purchasing power.

Why invest with Quiddity Capital ltd?

We work with private investors in a win:win partnership.

Return on Investment

Quiddity Capital Ltd presently pays up to multiple times more than what UK current bank current accounts pay.
Choose between a 3 or 5 year fixed term.


We have 24 years experience in UK property investment.
We own and manage 100’s of professional working tenants.
We source and co-invest in UK properties and the rent provides the income from which we pay investors like you.


We have established relationships with financial institutions.
We have an excellent power team throughout the whole value chain, from purchase to rental management.
We provide unrivalled customer service to all of our tenants and are rewarded with good, long term paying tenants, which provide a sound and steady income stream.

Why are we raising funds

We have more deals that we can afford to buy, so we are looking to raise more funds to take full advantage of those opportunities.

What you need to do next?

If you’re interested in working together and being an investor with a Quiddity Capital Ltd

5 key reason you should Co-Invest With Quiddity Capital Ltd ?

Passive Income

Hands-off, low risk co-investment in Uk properties

Monthly Fixed Income

Earn a fixed monthly income for 3 or 5 years.


Your capital is secured against UK properties.


Choose between medium or long-term investments options.

Maximise your returns

Reduce the erosion of value of your savings from high inflation whilst earning up to 50 times on your savings*
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