Scale your property portfolio in months, repeatedly using the same capital!

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Hosted by Azid Gungah (MBA MSc), learn the essential skills & tactics on how to buy Multi-Unit Freehold Apartment Blocks (MUFBs) and add substantial value, so you can recycle all of your capital out, purchase and repeat the process

After the course you will be able to:

  • Find and buy these Multi Unit Freehold Blocks below market value.
  • Cost effectively add value through refurbishment.
  • Split their titles into singular leases.
  • Recycle all of your investment capital out by doing the above and then use the same funds to buy even more multi unit blocks. 
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What is "Title Splitting" as a property strategy?

Title splitting, also known as multi-unit freehold property subdivision, is a property strategy used to maximise the value of these assets. Each of these individual (split) flats can then be sold, developed, or used on their own leases

The benefits of Title Splitting Multi Unit Freehold Blocks:

Title Splitting as a property strategy can be beneficial in various situations:

  1. Increase Property Value.
  2. Development Opportunities.
  3. Income Generation.
  4. Risk Diversification.
  5. Adapting to Market Demand.
  6. Tax Benefits.
Detached new build homes. UK
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Years of property investor experience

Contemporary apartments, Nine Elms, London. Wandsworth industrial area gentrification with the US Embassy and Battersea Power Station redevelopment.


CEO Quiddity Group (MBA MSc)
  • Azid has over 25 years experience as a property investor
  • 10 years property coaching experience
  • 12 years experience buying MUFBs and recycling his capital out
  • Contribution in multiple property magazines, property TV on Sky Property Podcasts
  • Curator of the largest Title Splitting community online on Facebook
  • Author of the only book on Title Splitting – Grow Your Wealth With Title Splitting as a property strategy. Available to Buy on Amazon
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Why Book ?

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Get exclusive rates for this 2 day course.
  • A two day multi disciplined, education & mentoring course
  • Overnight accommodation 
  • A networking group dinner
  • Access to post course specialist support & insights
  • ALL for only £2,950 per person 

Other VIP course providers charge over £10,000 for  comparable courses



Book your 2 day Title Splitting course and learn how to buy multiple block of flats and build your portfolio multiple flats at a time!

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Important information to know about Title Splitting:

  • The Process: Title splitting can be complex and have legal, financial and tax implications. So it is vital to engage with professionals who are competent in this field.
  • The Cost: The cost of splitting the titles can vary depending on numerous factors like the number of units, the cost of finance and development amongst others.
  • The Regulations: In the U.K, there are minimum standards and sizes for residential flats, which must be adhered to for planning purposes. It is key that one is aware of all of these elements to be successful.

What is Title Splitting as a property strategy?

The advantages and challenges of Title Splitting?

Why engage in this as a property strategy?

How do you begin with this strategy?​

How do you make money out of this strategy?

Who do you need in your Power Team?

Access to our Power Team

Key Success Factors

Sourcing Strategies?

Where do u find potential prospects for Title Splits?


What are the processes involved in a Title Splitting Strategy?

Case Study learnings - Examples of Title Splitting projects.

Deal analysis:

How to develop your own deal analyser.

How to evaluate individual projects.

Funding your Title Splitting purchases.

How to fund your Title Splitting purchases, based on YOUR personal circumstances?

The beauty of Leverage in Title Splitting.

All the ‘little quirks’ in Title Splitting projects which you NEED to know!

How to build your portfolio, in the long term, via a Title Splitting strategy?

Recycle your money: Learn to how to recycle your money out of Title Splitting projects?

Learn how to best set up your group company structure?

Learn the principles around Block Management.

How to optimise your property management business?



Safety Checks and certificates.

Coaching Cost

4 weeks coaching course - £ 7,500

(other VIP course providers charge upto £25,000 for their courses!

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