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Quiddity Group Ltd

Quiddity Group Ltd is a property investment company focused on providing the highest quality rental properties.

The company sources and acquires 'below market value' properties, adds significant value to them through complete refurbishments.

We rent and manage them in perpetuity.

Quiddity Group Ltd prides itself with having excellent customer satisfaction from all of its tenants, with the average tenure of a tenant being over 10 years and some staying for over 18 years.

Quiddity Group Ltd

Let Quiddity lay the Foundations for Your Future

Quiddity Group Ltd ​ sources and buys below market value properties, refurbishes, rents, holds and manages them for the long term.

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We pay a monthly income to our investors

  • Invest with us and earn a monthly income on your investment, which will beat any high street banks at least 20 times more!
  • Minimum Investment – £100,000
  • Minimum Fixed Term: 3 to 5 years
Contact Us to learn about the Fixed Income Investment Opportunity.

5 key reason you should co-invest with
Quiddity Capital Ltd ?

Reason 1

Unlock huge financial potential. Split property titles, diversify your portfolio, and maximise your returns.

Reason 2

Turn one investment into multiple revenue streams. Title splitting allows you to access capital and accelerate your wealth creation.

Reason 3

Lasting peace of mind, multiplied. Property investment, a flexible and proven way to build a stronger growth foundation.

Reason 4

Break free from traditional investing. Title splitting offers a unique strategy to amplify your property portfolio growth goals.

Reason 5

Imagine a property that pays you rent and appreciates. Title splitting unlocks passive income while building long-term wealth.

Title Splitting: The Professionals Property Management Solution Choice

Property investment offers a multitude of exciting opportunities, but managing day-to-day operations can be time consuming, stressful, and complex. Our experienced property & investment team working seamlessly across our comprehensive range of property management services ensure your investments are seamlessly aligned with your business and financial objectives, so you can focus on what matters most – maximising your returns and enjoying the peace of mind that comes with owning income-producing properties.

Quiddity group offer a wide range of services from tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance coordination and legal compliance, allowing you to sit back, relax, and reap the rewards of your investment.

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One to One ​'personalised' Property Coaching with Quiddity Consultancy

  • Most property courses tend to be very generic.
  • There are lots of information to lots of people (bums on seats), which doesn’t necessarily address your personal needs.
  • It’s hard to take actions post course, even though you have a lot of information.
  • You have even more questions about how to source, invest, finance, recycle your cash, rent and manage your properties once you leave the course and no one to answer them!
  • This is why Quiddity Consultancy is designed to handhold you through your property investments.
  • We offer 1-1 (1hr) consultancy calls where you can discuss all of your property questions with Azid.
  • We also offer 2 days Title Splitting Course.
  • If you want something be-spoke then look at the 4 weeks
  • (1-1) personalised training course on Title Splitting where you get to have access to Azid for a 12 months period on a  one to one basis.

Azid Gungah

CEO Quiddity Group (MBA MSc)
  • Azid has over 24 years experience as a property investor
  • 10 years property coaching experience
  • 12 years experience buying MUFBs and recycling his capital out
  • Contribution in multiple property magazines, property TV on Sky Property Podcasts
  • Curator of the largest Title Splitting community online on Facebook
  • Author of the only book on Title Splitting – Grow Your Wealth With Title Splitting as a property strategy. Available to Buy on Amazon

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