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The Property Title Splitter, Experienced investor, Property wealth growth educator and skilled entrepreneur.

A little back story ...

How i got started?

I started investing in properties when I was 21.

I used all my student loans, whilst also working as a carer in the NHS, during my undergraduate degree to buy my first property and used the funds as a deposit.

My Academic Background

Graduated with a Marketing and Finance degree in 2001, from the University of Greenwich, London.

I then worked within the pharmaceutical and medical device industry for 20 years, working in sales, marketing, management and held other senior management roles.

In 2010, I studied for an MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS). This opened my eyes and brain in how to run a successful business and how to grow it at scale. I then applied this knowledge to my property businesses, allowing me to significantly increased the size of my property portfolio from 20212.

In 2018, upon graduating from the London School of Economics (LSE) with a Masters degree, I learnt one of the most important lessons of my life – how money worked! This gave me the confidence and experience to progress more rapidly and diversify my business interests. Using this deeper understanding of the world of finance and economics, I improving the efficiency and effectiveness of my capital allocation across my property businesses.

Quiddity Group Ltd

In 2018, I also set up Quiddity Estate Management Ltd to rid myself of expensive and (sometimes unreasonably priced management agents) to bring all of the management in-house.

Vitality Capital Ltd

In 2019, Vitality Capital Ltd was created to take on board all of the legacy portfolio as a response to the tax changes under section 24.

Quiddity Capital Ltd

In 2021 Quiddity Capital Ltd was created to raise capital from investors paying substantially higher return on their capital.

Quiddity Education

In 2018 – 19, I authored ‘Scale your Wealth through Properties’, available to buy on Amazon. In this book I share the six fundamental property strategies that I’ve followed over the past 20 years to build a large successful property portfoilo and substantially grow my personal wealth.

In 2020 I wrote “Grow your wealth through Title Splitting” – a book dedicated to the strategy of buying multi-unit freehold blocks of flats and adding substantial financial value to them by refurbishing these often rundown assets and importantly splitting them into separate leaseholds. This allows me to recycle 100% of my capital out, funds which can then be reinvested in further multi-unit freehold blocks.

In 2021 I launched Quiddity Education to educate, support and maximise the income potential and returns for investors looking for new ways to grow their passive income. Over the past few years, Quiddity Education has improved and increased the net asset value and passive income of many experienced landlords by millions of pounds!

Business Interest

I have now been investing in properties for over 25 years. What started off as a ‘potential for a pension pot in the future’ has turned out to be my ‘out of corporate life’.


In 2013, during my MBA I wrote an essay for one of the modules on the UK property market, which meant I had to take a deep dive into the details. It was then that I discovered Title Splitting, as a property strategy, as I started to investigate the market.

I quickly realised that buying multi-unit blocks of flats was the golden goose!

On my first deal, I was able to buy a block of 8 flats in the South East and generated an uplift of £500,000 in 6 months, which meant I was able to refinance the block on individual Buy To Let mortgages and recycle all of my captial out. I, then, of course, kept all of the flats (given that I never sell any assets) and they were producing £2400 per month of passive income each month.

Since 2021, I have started to help fellow investors to scale their property portfolio via my ‘Title Splitting’ coaching programs.

“I want to shortcut the time it takes investors to achieve financial freedom & passive income by reducing unnecessary mistakes by using my knowledge and experience “.

To this day, I remain an active investor and keep looking for, acquiring multi unit blocks of flats.

Buy to Let

I started, as most, with the Buy to Let of single dwellings in London, buying and waiting for the prices to increase and re-mortgage every 5 years. I consistently used the refinanced equity and combined it with my savings at the time to fund more property purchases.

HMO – House of Multiple Occupancy

A decade later, I moved into House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) space. I quickly understood that to be able to sustain this new business model i had to scale fast to be able to variabalise the fixed costs. I built a 100+ HMO tenants’ portfolio over the coming years, but I was still leaving money in each deal, which stalled my expansion.

As a businessman, I really enjoy working, developing and collaborating with my team: from the property managers to the team of builders and tradesmen and lawyers, financiers and accountants!

Community Interests

Grassroot Football

Away from my love of properties, deal making and business, I am extremely passionate about football. I still play it, watch it and also sponsor local grassroot football teams.

I want to keep supporting children from all background and financial abilities to experience the game as i believe it helps children with life skills as well as keeping healthy.

In 2024/5, we will be sponsoring a Junior Premier League Football team made of local boys from Redbridge and I am very much looking forward to working and supporting the head coach, both on the business as well as the children development side.

Tackling the lack of education of money and finance:

I am also keen to teach young people about money and finance and will be launching a free bootcamp in the summer of 2024 where young people will be able to come to learn about money, finance and also the world of work and what awaits them in a few years.

I believe we do not do enough, as a society and within our schooling system to equip our young children about the world money & finance so i have decided to make this a mission of mine!

In 2024 I will be launching a bootcamp for teenagers (15 years old onwards) to start to educate them about money & finance, with the aim of helping them make better financial decisions in the future.

My Interests

Day to day I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids (sometimes when they are not in a mood!) as well as my father, with whom I enjoying going to West Ham home games during the Premier League season.

As a family, we are avid travellers and enjoying experiencing new cultures, foods and places. Recently we also bought a holiday home by the beach in Mauritius and are spending time there enjoying the beaches, weather and food.

I am also a keen skier and chilling with my friends!

Quiddity team

My perspective on life

I think that we have been mis-sold about life, work and retirement.

The traditional view is to study hard to get a job, then shackle yourself in debt buying things we don’t need and can’t afford keeping up with the Jones (!). This then ties us down to a job to pay for all those debts.

Making different choices, rather than buying a bigger house (when a 4 bed was ample) and taking on more debt, i chose to invest my capital and delayed my gratification. Albeit it has taken 20 years but those investments have paid back in spades and at the age of 40 years old i was financially free and debt free, able to take control of my time. This is what allows me to travel when i want. Once the kids are out of school, we intend to do even more exploring the World.

Quiddity Group Sponsorships

Westham United sponsor







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Quiddity Group Ltd partnership with grass root & Premier League football.

Quiddity Group Ltd, as a group of companies, , in 2022, joined forces with Crystal Palace Football Club (CPFC), as part of the English Premier League football as an associate sponsor.

In 2023-2028, Quiddity Group Ltd have signed a deal to be a proud associate sponsor of the iconic London stadium, home of the mighty West Ham United Football Club, part of the premier league. In the same year, we also signed a separate sponsorship agreement with Leyton Orient Football Club to be a an associate community partner to our local club.

We continue to support and sponsor Loughton Town Football Club (LTFC) a grassroot football clubs.

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